About us

Our founder brings twenty two years of experience and knowledge in tourism into this new itineraries. For him the offering(sharing) of this experience is a patriotic duty rather than a means of earning. His approach in this field has earned him international reputation. It is amply borne by the fact that when tsunami assailed our country he was able to exploit his cordial relationships with foreign countries and bring in relief for our motherland.

Further, he has conducted so many tours with world famous personalities including top class politicians. Therefore repose confidence in our firm and let's have a chance to introduce your memorable experience by helping you to visit Sri Lanka. Please note that itineraries are prepared for you in compliance with numerous requests made by many.

Our vast experience in tourism in foreign countries will stand us in good stead in this new venture. We assure you that experience will be etched in your mind forever and the fragrance of it remain adhered to you. Meet our founder Mr.Upasena with creative ideas, be with this pleasing personality second to none in this field for sometime, if you want to see the real Sri Lanka with the common touch of the unsophisticated rural life .

TAILOR MADE TOUR: offers you such tailor made tours to suit your purse with the maximum possible enjoyment throughout.
Isn't that simply wonderful.